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Loading and Shooting A Muzzleloading Shotgun

As with any muzzleloader your first step should be to insure your barrels and nipples are clean and dry.  Do this by running one or two dry patches down each barrel, run a pipe cleaner through each vent and (without powder and with the gun pointed in a safe direction) follow this by touching off one or two caps on each nipple.  This clears your nipples of any oil residue from cleaning.  Follow this by running another dry patch down each barrel.  This picks up any oil or debris knocked loose by the caps.

1. Measure and pour the correct powder charge down each barrel.  (Black powder ONLY - NEVER use smokeless powder!)  If shooting a double barrel gun it might be wise to charge each barrel at the same time to avoid confusion as to what has been done in the loading process.


2. The over powder wad (1/8" card) is next.  Depending on the choke of your weapon, these wads can be snug to very tight.  Start an edge of the wad and then finish it off by pushing it down on top of your powder with the ramrod.  Seat the wad firmly on top of the powder.

3. The fiber cushion wad comes next - unless you are using a plastic sleeve type at this time.  Fiber wads are not loaded dry.  If not pre-lubed, any readily available lube can be used. Push the cushion wad firmly down on top of the over powder wad.  If using a plastic sleeve, seat the sleeve just as you did the cushion wad.

4. Measure and pour the desired charge of shot down the barrel keeping in mind that as a rule of thumb you use equal measures of powder and shot.

5. The over-shot card wad is next.  (It has been recommended to punch a small hole in the center of the over-shot wad and/or notch the edge to allow air to pass.)  Again---firmly push the wad down the barrel till it is firmly seated on top of the shot charge.

6. Return your ramrod to the thimbles.

7. With the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, place your cap on the nipple or if a flintlock, prime the pan.  If the cap is loose - squeeze the skirt of the cap together and reinstall.  Lower the hammers to half cock.

8. If only one barrel is fired of a double barrel - remove the cap of the second barrel during reloading - this will help prevent accidental discharge while you are reloading.

Observe all safety rules during your shoot.

Good Shooting!



For shot loads in a cylinder bore remember this little rhyme...


Less powder, more lead, shoots far, kills dead.

More powder, less lead, kicks hard, wide spread.






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