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All you ever wanted to know (and maybe more) about Black Powder

(Much of this information (courtesy Bill Knight) has never before been published.)

Legal stuff:  This information is to be regarded as research material only.  I do not claim any accuracy to the material presented on these pages and cannot be held responsible for the material contained in these pages.

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Black Powder
Black Powder is classified as an Explosive by the United States Government and is VERY DANGEROUS!  The following information are only recommended loads.  Since all firearms are different, it is recommended that you review the firearm manufacturer's loading manual, talk with the firearm manufacturer's customer support and/or contact the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association.  The loading of a black powder firearm should never be taken lightly as improper use of black powder firearms and black powder can cause serious injury, including death.

The following information is not exact for every firearm.  It is up to YOU, the shooter, to develop the exact load necessary for your firearm.  I strongly recommend that you refer to the following books: Black Powder Cartridge Reloading Primer by Steve Garbe & Mike Venturino, Lyman's Black Powder Handbook & Loading Manual, 2nd edition, and The Complete Black Powder Handbook by Sam Fadala.  I also strongly recommend that you consider joining the NMLRA if you haven't already!




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